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Victims protection and defence of rights law

Being the victim of a crime in a foreign country can be a traumatic experience.  While no one can undo the emotional stress, physical injury, or financial loss you may have experience we are ready to help.

Range of services offered

We are very concerned about violent crimes committed against innocent victims in Greece.  We will assist you in managing the practical consequences of being a crime victim and provide you with useful information about accessing the local criminal justice system, as well as other resources for crime victims that are available. Please note the importance of immediate action to be taken through the first stages of investigation and prosecution of crimes.

  • Advising you about your rights.
  • Securing that the facts and evidence are all brought to light.
  • Making sure that the interpreter that is assisting you is performing at the desired standards.
  • Organizing expertise of any kind (medical, forensic, DNA).
  • Assisting you through the whole process before all courts as a civil party.
  • Seeking for civil compensation of the victim when applicable.
  • Written legal opinion for cases handled abroad by a foreign court but with applicable Greek law with legal frame and case law illustrations.

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