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Road traffic & car accidents

The victims of road traffic accidents, whether pedestrians or drivers or passengers of a vehicle involved in an incident, are often entitled to compensation from the liable or partly liable person, as well as from the respective insurance company of the liable vehicle. Exceptionally in road traffic accidents the law allows for direct action against the liable vehicle’s insurer, in conformity with the relevant European legislation.

Range of services offered

It is very important for the victims of road traffic accidents to be represented before the investigating police and public prosecution authorities by a skillful and experienced lawyer, right from the very beginning, and to make sure that their rights are duly respected, by participating in witnesses’ examinations and technical investigations.
The quantum of compensation awarded by Courts may vary greatly, depending on the presentation and proof of the circumstances and the establishment of liability for the accident. This is where the representation by a law firm with knowledge and experience in this field plays a very significant role. Our long-term expertise guarantees your right to be eligible for a fair compensation irrespectively of your Nationality.

  • Car accident.
  • Bike accident.
  • Pedestrian accident.
  • Passenger accident.
  • Assisting in every stage of the criminal procedure.
  • Defending your position as a civil party.
  • Obtaining all necessary medical documents from hospitals and clinics.
  • Preparing the compensation claim.
  • Negotiating with the insurers in order to achieve satisfactory settlement & avoiding a lengthy process.
  • Organizing an Expertise of any type. (From medical to accident experts inclusive of DNA in order to determine who was driving if the question is not clear).
  • Pleading the case before any competent court of any degree nationwide.

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