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Legal Practices

39 Alexandras Avenue (+30) 26610 49911 (+30) 6945 233 338
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Property Law

Our practice includes providing advice and assistance throughout the process of the sale and purchase of private as well as commercial properties.

Our Legal (Real Estate) team has the necessary expertise, skill and know-how to ensure all-encompassing legal support to its clients in all steps of pursuing an investment in real estate property. Our long term legal expertise covers all types of properties, either contained in a town/city plan or not, including residential buildings, commercial property /shopping malls, tourist settlements, hotels, as well as the acquisition of real estate for the purpose of acquiring a residency permit- Golden Visa.

Our range of comprehensive services deal with

  • Legal due diligence on real estate: examination of ownership status and encumbrances, investigation of the applicable land planning regulations (building terms and permissible land uses), and of miscellaneous legal constraints (environmental restrictions, protection of forests, archaeological sites, antiquities, buildings under special preservation regime, traditional sites, coastal areas, etc.).
  • Investment planning: legal vehicle, financing structure, domestic and or international tax planning.
  • Negotiation with buyers/or sellers depending on which side we represent to obtain the best outcome for your transaction.
  • Transaction implementation: negotiation and elaboration of property acquisition contracts, building contracts etc.
  • Licensing requirements: building licenses, approvals of environmental terms, miscellaneous permits and licenses that may exist or will be required for your scope of investment.
  • Property management and operation: tenancy, leasing, management contracts.
  • Representation in court and dispute resolution for property related issues such as (for example), ownership contestations, rights of way or boundary disputes.
  • Cadastral services for properties that have not been included yet in the process. Any related action concerning the above: Cadastral surveys – Correction Request /Appeal Application, correction of initial registrations and of cadastral data.
  • Preventive due diligence, eventual legalization of properties, where applicable, obtaining land registry certificates necessary for building permit applications or for applying for financing through bank institutions.
  • Setting up of condominium Acts, separation of properties, property part exchanges related to the Will of the owners or for the execution of a court decision such as ones following a divorce.
  • Company dissolution with real estate related issues due to ownership of property by the company.
  • Assistance in formalities such as obtaining a Greek Tax number, national social security number and opening bank accounts.
  • Parental donations of properties as part of an effective tax planification.

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