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39 Alexandras Avenue (+30) 26610 49911 (+30) 6945 233 338
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Medical malpractice & liability

Our specialized lawyers have a very deep knowledge and extended experience of medical malpractice cases. Our legal team have successfully handled numerous cases pursuing the rights of victims of medical malpractice against private doctors, clinics and also Public Hospitals before the competent courts.

Range of services offered

Our lawyers value your rights as patients, victims of negligent or faulty medical malpractice, to seek monetary compensation for injuries and often catastrophic damage caused to them by wrong medical diagnoses, deficient or erroneous surgery or treatment, lack of due and proper care in general.

  • Copy of patients file from hospital Clinic.
  • Civil and criminal charges brought in.
  • Administrative procedures against the State in case of State Hospital.
  • Organizing Expertise of any type.
  • Possibility for cases handled abroad but with applicable Greek law for our firm to deliver a detailed legal opinion of the legal frame and relevant case law on similar cases.
  • Official translations or obtaining any document or file if case is to be judged abroad.

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