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39 Alexandras Avenue (+30) 26610 49911 (+30) 6945 233 338
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Inheritance Law

Our practice includes assistance with inheritance related actions ranging from basic will organisation to the defence of your rights as a legal beneficiary.

Range of services offered

  • Drafting wills in order to protect your loved ones from uncomfortable future situations.
  • Advise as to the type of will to choose from to serve yours and your beneficiaries’ best interests.
  • Organization of European Certificate of Succession in accordance to EU regulation No. 650/2012.
  • Search for next of keen (closest relatives of the deceased person) and issuing the relative certificate where applicable.
  • Publication of wills before the competent court or Consulate.
  • Effective tax management of the inheritance from (the most simple) property to other moveable assets such as (movable), boats and even bank accounts.
  • Acceptance of inheritance of immovable or movable properties, company shares, bank accounts.
  • Assisting you to claim within the territory of Greece your inheritance either long neglected or contested or even planning in advance for beloved ones.
  • Carrying out searches to verify the existence of a will (handwritten, public or secret (one) and trace the deceased’s assets (real estate, bank accounts or other receivables) that you as beneficiary is entitled of.
  • Defining your succession rights through the rules of intestacy or your minimum (forced) inheritance share according to the Greek law.
  • Notarial Acceptance of inheritance Deed and subsequent registration in the relevant land registry books or National Cadastral Office.
  • Litigation before courts if your rights have not been respected.
  • Obtaining certificates in respect to your inheritance case, such as: Certificate regarding non-dispute of the inheritance right, Certificate regarding non-disaffirmance of inheritance,
  • Assisting you in accepting or renouncing an inheritance usually in cases of (heavy) debts of the deceased or for other inheritance tax optimization reasons.
  • Correction of birth & death certificates through a Court Process.

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