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Family Law

Family Law matters are usually complex, stressful and emotional. At our firm we understand the delicacy of such matters and our main focus is not only to defend our client’s interests but to minimize the emotional distress of minor children usually “caught in the middle”.

Range of services offered

We privilege negotiations and alternate methods of family disputes resolution, seeking to resolve our clients’ matters in the least stressful manner for them. Our law firm has vast experience in assisting international families where the need for protection in more than one country exists and can handle all your family law matters efficiently, discreetly and promptly. Also, other cases including family aspects may arise such as the need for a parent to execute an act that needs pre-approval from the court, such as selling of property belonging to a minor. Please seek our assistance for cases such as:

  • Divorce & separation.
  • Alimony.
  • Establishing custody & child support.
  • Visitation rights for your minor child.
  • International family disputes & settlements.
  • Adoption procedures.
  • Judicial approval for operations on behalf of a minor.
  • Appointing a legal representative of proceeding to a forced hospitalization in cases of dementia or other incapacity.
  • Correction of birth certificates.
  • Recognition of a res judicata.
  • Execution of foreign court decision in Greece inclusive of those affecting property issues.

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